Can I use Apple TV in a classroom for teachers to show Keynote and PowerPoint presentations wirelessly?

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    Yes. Once connected to your apple tv and airplay is turned on, if you turn on mirroring then whatever is displaying on your device will display on your tv.

    • Answered by Geoff P from London
    • 26-Jun-2014
  • Thanks Jeremy K. After a bit of exploring I discovered that by selecting Extend Display (instead of mirror) in the Airplay display preferences I then get the presenter nots on my iMac/Macbook, and the slides on the Apple TV.

    • Answered by Geoffrey S
    • 12-Apr-2015
  • Apple TV will Mirror a Macbook or IOS Device. So if that device has the keynote on it then you can mirror it with apple tv. Yes.

    • Answered by Steve D from Milford
    • 06-Jun-2014
  • Yes. Use keynote on your iPad and it will allow you to project a slide while displaying notes on your iPad display. Try it out for yourself, before you belieave what everybody says about it only mirroring your device. Keynote is the exception.

    • Answered by Jeremy K from Lowell
    • 24-Feb-2015
  • The answer is actually a "qualified YES." I always carry my AppleTV2 with me, as a backup, in case the projector is at the back of a large room (actually, I'm so obsessive about this that I also always bring my own projector, an extra bulb, wireless mike system and the entire presentation in a Quicktime movie and static slides on a thumb drive). However, if you are used to using the Keynote Presenter Display for your notes, timing, etc., this may present problems. The AppleTV will only MIRROR the computer's display. Unfortunately, it cannot be treated as a secondary display, so you lose the use of the presenter display. I've only had to do this once, but it was a life-saver. I didn't know, till I arrived, that the projector connection was way at the back or the room. It really bothers me to see a presenter keep turning away from the audience to refer to his slide. So even though I didn't have the presenter display, I was able to see the slide that was on the screen at all times, without turning around and I knew my material well enough to know what slide was coming next, anyway. Since I didn't have the timer, which is part of the presenter display, I propped my iPhone up next to the computer, with the timer running, to keep me on schedule. It was certainly a kludge. But it worked and several people complimented me afterwards, on how professional my presentation was. I can't say enough good about carrying an AppleTV with you to speaking engagements. I just wish Apple would allow it to function as a second display.

    • Answered by John G from Humble
    • 27-Jan-2015