Can i use Apple tv in Poland to stream movies from netflix and other provider ?

I have plan to buy Apple TV to use along with my airport express, i think it's handy things that one can use around their home but the problem is, i don't know its it going to work to stream movies online or not.

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  • Hi,

    At this time you cannot use Apple TV in Poland even bought in U.S. to stream movies from Netflix, because of regionalization. Netflix, currently, does not have agreement beetween polish ZAIKS i ZPAV which are artists rights organisations here. Therefore Netfilx won't be even visible in Poland.

    Apple TV in Poland covers following subscriptions:

    - Polish iTunes Store (which sometimes is different than others - you cannot download or buy your movies from other stores, however if you have an album that was bought in US and it is available in Poland you can still play it)
    - NHL
    - Bloomberg (free for Apple TV)
    - Red Bull TV
    - Trailers
    - KOR TV
    - Photo Stream / iMovie Theater / Podcasts
    - YouTube
    - Flickr
    - Vevo and Vimeo
    - TV
    - Qello Concerts
    - CrunchyRoll
    - Wall Streat Journal
    - iTunes Radio

    I hope that this answer covered your questions.

    • Answered by Michal H from Rzeszow
    • 01-Mar-2014