Can i use Apple TV to clone my MacBook Pro (10.8.2) screen onto my TV?

Also, is it possible to use Apple TV to create a dual screen setup?

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  • If you can find an AirPlay icon in the menubar (a rectangle with a solid triangle penetrating the bottom edge) you can click on it, enter a password if one is set up, and choose mirroring from the pop-up menu that appears. You can also do this within iTunes, enabling you to use sound only. The icon just appears if there is an Apple TV within reach.

    If you then do the same with, say, an iPad (the icon is on the flick-up AV overlay), the Mac connection will drop and be replaced with the new iPad one. So best to set a password and keep it secret if you're a teacher: you don't want rude pictures being transmitted by malevolent kids on the floor above in the middle of your lesson!

    At home I use this all the time with Amazon Prime Instant Video - you can go full screen and you'd never know it wasn't coming straight from the TV.

    • Answered by Ann B
    • 28-May-2014