can I use apple tv to extend / duplicate my macbook display onto the television?

I know apple tv plays videos from the web browser on laptop / macbook.
I also wanted to know if I can plan any video stored on my macbook and play it on the Television?

or can I use appletv lto extend or duplicate my display from my macbook?

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    Hi Pavan,
    In short yes you can,
    I use my MBP Retina to mirror display on the TV. Once the Apple TV is setup with your TV, and added to the same Wifi network as the laptop there should be a Airplay icon added to the top right of your laptop screen (near the other icons for audio, current time, etc). Just click on this and your Apple TV should be selectable at which point the macbook automatically takes over control of the Apple TV.

    However a few things to be aware of:
    The display settings on your TV (or indeed the Apple TV output settings) may need some adjustment due to 'overscan', just try using your picture adjustment/ratio settings on the TV remote as a starting point, before checking the finer adjustment options in the TV menu settings.
    With video playback over Airplay the cache inside the Apple TV can occasionally get full, resulting in lag or a dropped connection at times. This happens especially if you change content you are watching a fair bit (from streaming to Home Sharing for example). If this happens (ideally prior to a movie being played back for example) just go into the Apple TV menu settings and select Restart, this will clear the cache and result in smoother playback.

    Hope this helps.

    • Answered by Stephen H
    • 30-Sep-2013
  • Yes you can, plus you can choose to have the macbook replicate the resolution of the TV, or the TV to have the resolution of the macBook.

    • Answered by Stewart K
    • 01-Aug-2014
  • Yes, click on the AirPlay Display icon on the top right bar and select 'Apple TV'. For mirroring (duplicating your macbook screen onto the television), select 'Mirror Build-in Retina Display'. If you want to use your television as a separate screen (extending your macbook display onto the television), choose the 'Extend Desktop' option.

    • Answered by Carmen C
    • 07-Nov-2014
  • Yes you can,
    All you need to do is go over where you shut it down and find a square with an arrow beneath it. When you do go over it. If you are connected to the internet/wifi you should get "Airplay".
    Once you click it, it should work.

    • Answered by Nazia I from Takaoka
    • 16-Oct-2014