can I use apple tv with satellite internet service?

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    Apple TV will work with any internet service, satellite included. However, to watch (rent or buy) HD movies in real time, you need a downlink bitrate of at least 5 Mbps. Anything slower than that, and the movie will get buffered, and it may take an hour or more before it's ready to watch.

    The bitrate requirement is much lower (1-2 Mbps) for YouTube videos, internet radio and podcasts. Of course, when watching movies streamed directly from your own computer, your internet connection speed doesn't matter at all.

    Just to be sure, call your internet service provider's tech support and ask them how to test your satellite connection speed. They'll give you an URL to type into your browser, and your computer will measure the speed for you.

    • Answered by Julian B from Baie-d'urfe
    • 06-Nov-2013