can i watch regular antenna tv with Apple TV adapter?

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  • Regular antenna TV does not go through your Apple TV. It connects directly to your television set. If you're television set does not currently support regular antenna or Over the Air (OTA) television signals, it isn't likely to support an Apple TV.

    Think of an Apple TV the same way you think of a DVD player. You don't feed the antenna signal through your DVD player now, and you won't feed it through an Apple TV. Like the DVD player, the Apple TV provides additional content to your TV that you can't get from OTA broadcasts. They work in parallel to give you more options of what to watch.

    Your OTA antenna will connect to the Coax Antenna input on your TV. Your Apple TV connects to an HDMI input on your TV. You can use the TV remote to switch which input is being displayed at any given time.

    The OTA antenna gives you broadcast television sent for free over the air. Your DVD player brings you content that you've purchased or rented on DVD discs. Your Apple TV brings you free, rented, or purchased content from the Internet to your TV. Each one serves a similar, yet different purpose. Each work in concert with the others to give you more options on what to watch on your TV.

    • Answered by Jack R from Huntsville
    • 19-Jan-2015