can you stream .m4a files from NAS to tv

I currently stream audio files of type mp3 from my DLNA compliant Western Digital NAS to a Sony media device and then to my Sony TV. My I tunes library is currently stored on the same NAS but I cant stream the audio files which are m4a. Can the Apple TV stream m4a files? Additionally I stream video from the NAS as .avi file. Can the Apple TV stream avi files? And finally would the Apple TV be compatible with my Western Digital DLNA NAS.

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    So far, the only way I can stream videos to my Apple TV from my Synology NAS is to stream them on my iPhone or iPad and use Air Play to mirror the output on the Apple TV. Seems like a big work around considering other players (Roku) offer apps that do it.

    • Answered by Michael K from Tuckerr
    • 02-Jun-2015