Do you need internet for the Apple TV to work?

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    You do not need an internet connection, but you will need some kind of home network to get the media from your Mac to the Apple TV. The home network can be WiFi or Ethernet. You will not be able to stream movies from the iTunes Store or use any of the other Apple TV apps that need access to the internet for content, but you will be able to listen to your music and watch your movies and photos, as long as those things are already in your computer’s iTunes library. AirPlay will also work fine as long as all the devices involved are on the same home network.

    In other words, anything that you already have in your home will be accessible from the Apple TV, but anything that normally downloads from the internet would be off-limits.

    • Answered by Phillip B from Ocala
    • 14-Mar-2014
  • To fully utilize the Apple TV you will need access to the Internet. Without internet access you will only have local network functionality such as AirPlay and network streaming from iTunes.

    • Answered by Jared A from Colleyville
    • 18-Mar-2014
  • You need internet to authenticate your device initially for itunes to stream to your apple tv device or access apple store content. You also need internet access if you try to remove then add back the credentials. It will not try to authenticate with your local iTunes to add it as a approved device. Your apple tv will periodically need to re-authenticate (possible daily?). I did run into a streaming problem when internet was down about a month ago with an apple tv and iTunes that were working a few days earlier. I could see the library content but got a blank screen on the apple tv when trying to play anything.

    • Answered by David S from Raleigh
    • 04-Oct-2014