Does Apple TV support 3D content?

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    Technically no, you can view 3D content (from say home streaming, AirPlay or YouTube) using an SBS or TB format video (a split screen video with the content playing on the left and right of the screen (SBS or "cross eyed"), or with the content on the top and bottom (TB), then using the 3D HDTV's conversion mode combine the two images into one 3D image, but the Apple TV isn't actually sending 3D content, just 2D content that the TV converts into 3D, SBS and TB content must either be streamed (AirPlay or Home Streaming) or from an online video service (YouTube, etc.), the iTunes Store does not have any SBS or TB content available

    The Apple TV does not support "Frame Packed" 3D content that most are accustomed to (where the TV detects the 3D content on it's own and displays a message telling you to enable 3D) like the PS3 and 3D equipped Blu-Ray players do though

    • Answered by Michael D from Dublin
    • 01-Sep-2013