Does Apple TV support Control for HDMI? I want to run this through a receiver amp with built-in HDMI switching and pass-through

My amp (Pioneer) has full Control for HDMI support which means devices like Blu-ray players, PS3 etc. can use it as an HDMI switch with the amp in stand-by. If I try this with Apple TV then nothing. The amp has to be switched on (which is fine for movies but I don't need surround sound for everything and just want sound through the TV for most things). I know Apple generally avoids industry standards (like DLNI) that everyone else adopts and does its own thing, but I'm hoping there is a setting or something that will help. Or maybe an update in the pipeline? Or do I have to go direct to the TV (and manually switch the TV over) and add an optical out cable to the amp to listen in surround (and if so does that mean I get no sound if the amp is off?).

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