does apple tv work as cable can i watch cable tv like e.g a rogers cable?

I was wondering if i can watch cable tv with apple tv. If i can't then what's the point in getting apple tv why not just use netflix? I hope someone has the answer to this because we are in a cable problem.

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  • No, Apple TV brings a whole new perspective to getting video and audio entertainment.

    Apple TV is On Demand entertainment. It brings together the movies and TV shows that you've purchased through the iTunes Store with shows available on the Internet into one place in your home theater.

    Many of the programs you watch on your existing cable subscription are available through the Apple TV. Many are not. Some are provided free for a limited time through the show's network and others are available through subscription services like Netflix, and others are available for purchase through the iTunes Store.

    When you purchase a Season Pass of a current show, you get a full HD version of the show the day after it airs on cable with no commercials. Season Passes cost about the same as the DVD or Blu-ray of the show and you get to watch them the day after they air.

    Apple TV brings content to your house that isn't available through your existing cable company. With apps for Smithsonian Channel, Red Bull, Crackle, YouTube, and Vimeo, you can watch programming not offered through your cable company. There are hundreds of thousands of video podcasts with content not offered through you cable company. By subscribing for free to the podcast shows that you like, you can create your own personalized channels. You eliminate the hundreds of channels available on cable that you're not interested in.

    If cable is giving you grief and you have a way to watch Netflix on your big screen, then go that route. An Apple TV will give you access to Netflix in a clean, easy to use interface and thousands of other video offerings. The box is a one time purchase of $99. Your Netflix subscription is on top of that. Video podcasts are completely free.

    • Answered by Jack R from Huntsville
    • 18-Jan-2015