Does apple tv work with audio dts

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    I have yet to get my 3rd Gen Apple TV to "pass thru" any streaming surround from my computers, let alone DTS. The best I have done is to get my receiver to decode a version of Pro-Logic II.(from the 2.0 channel stereo it does pass through) My purchased movies and content I have made with my own equipment would be included in this. Now, iTunes purchases are another story. I magically get DD 5.1. Frustrating, considering Blu-Ray is now releasing DTS 7.1 Master Audio on many new titles. Would love to see gigabit ethernet supported for high bandwidth content, as it is only 10/100. I still enjoy the system, even with its shortcomings.

    • Answered by Jeff M from Elkhart
    • 29-Mar-2013
  • The dts technology is embeded into the media you are viewing, and will be passed to the audio processor / amplifier. If your setup can process this technology, hook it up with an optic fibre link and enjoy that crystal clear sound.

    • Answered by Jj L from Pretoria
    • 21-Jan-2013