Does Apple TV work with my Direct Tv

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    You can have both Apple TV and DirecTV connected to your TV, using separate HDMI cables and separate ports on your TV. SImply change the "input" chosen on your TV and you can watch either one. So, they do work together, in this sense. To the best of my knowledge, you cannot connect the DirecTV receiver to the AppleTV, or vice versa. They need to be separate input streams to your TV.

    • Answered by Henry M from Lafayette
    • 13-Jun-2013
  • They are separate devices that utilize separate inputs on your television. Direct TV via a coaxial cable to the Cable input and the Apple TV via an HDMI cable to a like type input on the television. You then merely need to select which input you wish to use.

    • Answered by Randall D from Albuquerque
    • 16-Jun-2013