Does using Apple TV affect my Internet Usage/Date Cap? I'm seeing conflicting answers...

I wanted to know if using an Apple TV to stream video that is stored physically on my Macbook Pro to my TV would use any of my Internet Data? I understand that using Airplay just streams the content over a local network but I've seen some information that suggests otherwise.

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  • If you are streaming from your computer, then no.
    If you rent a movie directly on the device, then yes it streams it. Note also that streaming a rental directly to the Apple TV can use more data than the actual movie size, if you are stopping it, starting it, backing up to re-watch a scene, etc. In this scenario, you're better to rent the movie on your computer in iTunes, and then stream it from there once you've downloaded it.
    Also, other activities on the device such as watching trailers, or Netflix uses your bandwidth.

    • Answered by Andre H from Kanata
    • 21-May-2014