Has anyone noticed problems using Apple TV with repeater?

I recently purchased a TP-LINK wifi extender because our bedroom is way down the hall from our router. It works marvelously with our iPads, but if I try to watch video on my Apple TV I get 90-120 seconds and then the network connection drops. If I unplug the extender, everything goes back to happy-land in about 15 seconds.

Any suggestions, success stories or pity?

By the way, the router is running at 802.11n rates, although the TP-LINK is capable of 802.11ac.

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    I use my Apple TV with an Airport Express and it works great. Before I got the Airport Express I had tried to use other repeaters but they did not work well. Problems were many and often. After I got an Airport Extreme as my main router and then the Airport Express as the repeater to boost the signal, all problems vanished. Keep it in the family, it works.

    • Answered by Allen S from Pineville
    • 20-Oct-2014