How close does apple tv need to be to computer? How does one extend wireless range?

The television is located two floors below (basement) at opposite ends of the house from my iMac (approximately 50 feet horizontally). We cannot get wireless signals in this location.

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  • You can buy an "Ethernet extension" system that essentially works the same as if you ran a long Ethernet cable through your house, but it uses your homes electrical wiring to make things simpler. One end connects your Ethernet (from router) into a wall socket. The other end plugs into an outlet near your TV. This side will have an Ethernet (out) connector that you plug into Apple TV, Bluray, etc. No snaking wires and no wireless issues. I think it's made by Netgear. Good luck!

    • Answered by Kevin M from East Greenwich
    • 05-Mar-2014
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    If you don't get wireless signals where the Apple TV is, then you can use the Ethernet port at the back of the Apple TV and connect it using an Ethernet cable to your broadband router. That's not the nicest method because there is a cable running through your house, but the easiest and cheapest and guaranteed to work.

    Your broadband router may be in a bad position; it's really the distance Apple TV to router and not Apple TV to iMac that counts. Moving the broadband router to a more open space so there are fewer walls and especially less metal in the way of the signal might help.

    • Answered by Christian B
    • 29-Jan-2014
  • Wireless range is a tricky subject, as it depends greatly on the building materials blocking the signal path and on the degree of interference from other networks nearby – especially in apartment buildings.

    I have solved very similar problems in the past by placing an Airport Express (configured as a wireless repeater) on the main floor. One client who I did this for immediately asked if I had a cable to connect the Airport Express to her "boom box" in the kitchen. I fished one out, downloaded the free Remote app to her iPhone, and now she can choose her iTunes music while preparing dinner.

    • Answered by Julian B from Baie-d'urfe
    • 19-Nov-2013
  • I successfully extended the wireless range by plugging in an airport express at the approximate midpoint location but a computer consultant was required to configure it and it took quite a lot of messing around. Thanks to those who offered solutions.

    • Answered by Anthony P from Nepean
    • 09-Apr-2014