How do you sync current Apple TV to itunes?

I have the black Apple TV not sure which model I have it hooked up to my computer I can stream from my computer but I would like to know how to sync it if possible does not show up in itunes when on and is connected wirelessly to my computer thru wifi? Not the absolute current model about a year or so old.

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    Not quite sure why you would want to directly hook it to your computer other than doing a restore of the operating system.
    Apple TV does not "sync" to iTunes. To stream to your apple TV turn on any computer in your home that is on the network wireless or wired. Turn on the apple tv, connect it to the network again either wirelessly or wired with ethernet. Start your computer, start the iTunes library you want to share or use. Go to iTunes menu> Sharing tab> put a check mark on "Share library on my local network"
    Select in the list below that what you want to share-- for example I have music, movies and tv shows checked to share.

    Start your apple TV and under Settings menu enter your apple id and password. Then go to computers menu and select the iTunes library that is running on your computer. Thats it. your entire library should be available on your tv movies, tv shows and music.

    • Answered by Shawn F from Sandy
    • 17-Sep-2014