how does icloud work with apple tv . . . is snow leopard with 1G memory enough to install icloud?

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  • iCloud by Apple is a memory function, it stores what you have already recorded for playback at a later date. I believe that snow leopard is an app and as such does not include any memory. Where you got the 1G I don't know. With the 1G memory I don't know if you have enough to get iCloud but I got it when it first came out and started with 20. Snow leopard adds many real cool things to your computer, safari alone was worth it, but you can go to Apple to get the full picture there Icloud simply stores what ever you've done on your iMac or added music to your library etc.. I hope I helped you out, I'm a student myself and am learning new things everyday, Apple always has support if you get into a jam, and they can almost always get you out, Happy computing, Michael

    • Answered by Michael J K from Redmond
    • 13-May-2013