How easy-to-figure-out is Apple TV for folks over 75 years old with limited computer literacy? Follow up question: what is the point of Apple TV?

Apple TV piqued my interest because A) Apple products are typically very easy to figure out for those who consider themselves to be technophobes, or who otherwise have little computer experience, and B) the user interface on the TV and DVD player of my favorite septuagenarians is extremely, well, clunky and frustrating to use.

I love that in iTunes or iDVD player, you can just slide the slider to the part of the movie you want, instead of having to advance through scene selections. Was wondering if Apple TV happened to bring a similar simplicity and elegance of design to TV and movie viewing experiences (not to mention - hopefully - fewer remotes???).

Judging by the many questions about "mirroring" and other highly technical language in this forum, my impression is that no, Apple TV is better for folks with a fairly sophisticated understanding of how (Apple) computers work, and that folks with little computer know-how would get frustrated with it.

But please chime in if you feel differently.


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