How many purchased tv/film & music hours can the apple tv hold in it's wee tv box?

How many hours of tv/film does the apple tv hold before it reaches it's capacity?

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    Apple TV has no hard drive or memory for storage, so it's capacity is 0. You can store video on your computer, iPad or iPhone and stream it to Apple TV and the connected TV.

    • Answered by Robert F from Cincinnati
    • 10-Dec-2013
  • From what I understand, the first generation apple tv had a hard drive with limited capacity depending on the model purchased. However, all subsequent models don't have internal capacity. They simply stream your media from your iOS device. In other words, it will play anything already stored or streaming from a qualifying iOS device (iPhone 4s or newer or iPad 2 or newer).

    • Answered by Linda R from Hampton Cove
    • 24-Nov-2013
  • You're thinking of the first generation Apple TV, which had its own storage for shows.

    Succeeding generations use a different model: it now has no permanent storage of its own; all content is received via WiFi.

    That means any limits on capacity are not due to Apple TV but to whatever device you're using to store shows (computer, iPhone, etc.). And if you're streaming content straight from the Internet (Netflix, YouTube, etc.) then effectively there's no limit.

    • Answered by Glenn C from Sunnyvale
    • 16-Nov-2013