how may I use my PC with Apple TV?

May I view my PC laptop display on my TV with Apple TV? What can I do with my PC laptop when using Apple TV, or must I have an iOS-device to utilize Apple TV?

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    If your laptop and Apple TV are on the same LAN, you can purchase AirParrot software. Streams picture and audio.

    • Answered by William M from Cary
    • 14-Feb-2014
  • Using a 3rd party application called AirParrot (charges may apply) you can mirror your Windows PC screen to the Apple TV, or if you are using a 2011+ Mac running 10.7 (Lion)+ it is built in to OS X.

    • Answered by Matthew M from Mckinnon
    • 04-Feb-2014
  • Check AirMyPC. It is a 3rd software that lets you to mirror your webcam or PC screen (any PC screen you want) including sounds to your AppleTV.

    • Answered by Jerry S from New York
    • 16-May-2015
  • Download iTunes from Apple
    Turn on home sharing with same Apple ID

    • Answered by Daniel J from Pasadena
    • 18-Sep-2014