I already have an HD 3D Samsung TV What benifit is this unit to me for my ipad mini?

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  • An Apple TV allows you to share content from your iPad mini to a larger audience using your Samsung TV. It also brings new content to your TV that you can't get from an antenna or cable/satellite subscription. The Apple TV is an extension of your iPad mini by allowing you to watch content on the much larger, high definition TV screen.

    If you have photo albums or movies recorded to your iPad mini, you don't have to huddle around the iPad to share these items with friends and family. You can AirPlay them to the Apple TV and everyone can watch from the couch. With an Apple TV the family slideshow and home movies are just a couple taps away and they don't require projectors to be set up.

    If you have purchased Movies or TV Shows from the iTunes Store, you can watch them on your Samsung TV with a couple clicks through your Apple TV. You no longer have to keep track of discs or get up to change them out of the player. Everything you have purchased from the iTunes Store is available instantly through the Apple TV and can be enjoyed in full HD resolution on your TV.

    The Apple TV has the easiest interface for watching movies and TV shows through subscription services like Netflix. You can quickly get back to programs you watched recently or have added to your List for viewing later.

    The Apple TV offers hundreds of thousands of free programs from the Internet directly on your TV through the Podcasts app. Find niche programming that isn't offered through any other service. This allows you to personalize the programming that you watch. Eliminate channel surfing because the content you want is organized into your channels. There is never anything you're not interested in playing with Podcasts My Stations.

    Finally stream any content you can find on your iPad mini through your Apple TV. Apps like Amazon Instant Video let you stream content from your iPad mini to your Apple TV even though there isn't (yet) an Amazon app directly on the Apple TV.

    • Answered by Jack R from Huntsville
    • 18-Jan-2015