I have an old fashioned stereo system with great sounding Bose speakers. Can I attach Bose stereo speakers to apple TV?

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    Ann, I also have an ancient Harmon/Kardon stereo with old KEF Cantor-III speakers. The sound is just fabulous, and I see no need to replace my beloved audio system with a newer (and probably worse-sounding) one, just to get an optical digital audio interface that I can plug in to my Apple TV.

    What I did instead was to connect my audio system to my Sony TV via the analog audio outputs (dual red/white RCA connectors). The AppleTV sends digital audio to the TV (via HDMI) which then converts it into analog and sends it to the Harman/Kardon amplifier and the KEF speakers.

    I suggest that you do the same, since you obviously have a decent analog stereo system. This setup has the added advantage that *any* video source (Apple TV, cable or satellite receiver, DVD player, etc.) will play through your stereo.

    • Answered by Julian B from Baie-d'urfe
    • 30-May-2013
  • The audio could be extracted from the HDMI using something similar to the EMX-HD-AUD from Hall Research. The extracted analog audio can then be connected to the input of the amplifier driving the Bose speakers.

    • Answered by Jeffrey T from Thurgoona
    • 21-May-2013