I have movies in my iTunes that I didn't download through iTunes. Can I watch them through Apple TV?

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    If you have movies in your iTunes that weren't downloaded through iTunes, you can still watch them through Apple TV provided they are in the correct format, and you have iTunes running on a machine connected to your network, sharing turned on. For information on what formats Apple TV will play, you can refer to the tech specs on Apple's website.

    • Answered by Matthew M from Saint Paul
    • 20-Oct-2012
  • I do it using AirPlay via AirParrot (extra mirroring software). I hoped to do it without using any extra software by upgrading to Mountain Lion, but cause my Laptop is an Aluminum MacBook from 2008, it was not supposedly supported. With the extra mirroring software (AirParrot or similar) it works just fine, provided your wifi signal is strong where you have your AppleTV, cause the video streams from your Computer through your Router to your AppleTV.
    My wifi signal is poor in my room where I have the AppleTV hooked up, so i used an Airport Express to set up a wifi network exclusively to stream videos from my MacBook to the AppleTV. Downside though is: no internet connection for live streaming. Hope this answered your question.

    • Answered by Francisco A M from Barranquilla
    • 19-Oct-2012