if i am watching a movie on a mac book air can i transfer the movie to my Sony flat screen ty without useing clouds

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  • Yes you can transfer your movies from your MacBook Air to your Sony flat screen directly without using the iCloud as long as you have the correct usb to usb cable type (sometimes you may have to buy/borrow the correct usb types to fit properly) for example your MacBook Air will always have a standard size usb connector but you Sony might have a mini usb type, or if your lucky your MacBook Air and your Sony flat screen both have standard HDI interface connectors, if so then you can stream your movie(s) directly from your MacBook Air to your Sony flat screen, understand that you will continue to store and control your movie(s) from your Mac versus your Sony flat screen unless you have an Apple TV in the mix.

    • Answered by Paul B from Portland
    • 22-Jun-2015