is there a specific wifi speed needed to run netflix or hulu from apple tv box?

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  • The general rule is: Faster is Better

    The reason: The faster your connection, the better the final result will be on the screen. Netflix is quite hungry for bandwidth in HD mode, and the HD pictures/experience is excellent at full resolution. The same can be said for Hulu or Amazon or other services that are out there.

    The other reason for utilizing the fastest bandwidth available? Let’s say you’re in the living room watching your favorite show, and your teenager is doing homework on their MacBookPro…. Even if they’re using a bandwidth hungry program, your movie stream won’t be interrupted.

    If you’re looking to purchase the fastest wireless system(s) for home, the best current standard, as of today, is 802.11ac. The previous bandwidth record holder was the 802.1n standard. Both should work splendidly for most home environments.

    The other rule? "Always buy the latest available wireless standard at the time…you’ll be happy with it, longer…"

    • Answered by - O S G O from Portola
    • 19-Mar-2014