Thinking about getting Apple TV… If i've already downloaded a film on itunes would streaming it on apple tv use my internet download allowance?

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  • No, but you have to stream the movie from your computer.

    On the Apple TV main menu, there is a Movies icon and a Computers icon. If you select the Movies icon and choose a previously purchased movie, it will stream from the iTunes Store and it WILL use a few gigabytes of your bandwidth allowance. However, if you select the Computers icon and choose a previously downloaded movie, it will stream over your local network and not use any of your ISP bandwidth allowance.

    I have an inexpensive $30/month plan with a 100 GB limit, so I always purchase movies in iTunes on my iMac. They start downloading immediately, and once a movie is finished downloading 20-30 minutes later, I watch it on the Apple TV from the Computers menu. This makes a lot more sense than getting an expensive $80/month unlimited plan.

    • Answered by Julian B from Baie-d'urfe
    • 03-Jun-2014