Thinking buying Apple TV our wireless box is in front room but want to use Apple TV upstairs with iPad in kids bedrooms what do I need to get?

2 Answers from the Community

  • Apple TV has built in Wifi have your wifi password handy, you will also need a HDMI cable for your TV set to connect Apple TV, is an easy process!

    • Answered by David H from Houston
    • 28-Apr-2015
  • Apple TV is not an actual TV, it is a little box, like your cable box, that you plug into your TV to get access to media like your iTunes music, YouTube, Watch Disney, etc. All you need is a TV or display supporting HDMI input with built-in speakers, an HDMI cable for connecting it to the TV, and a power source (I would assume you have at least 4-5 in your kids room) and your are set!

    • Answered by Gabriel C from Austin
    • 22-Apr-2015