What about local PSA's, such as tornado warnings? Will you get these w/o local news station?

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  • Not from streaming services. You can set these up with an app called Swakett on iPhone or Mac. Theres likely a bunch of other ways to do that too, on your desktop. I know of people who swear by Swackett's alarm for such events, but most of the world doesn't have tornadoes. And all you need to do to watch local stations is change the channel, you know.

    Streaming TV is global and doesn't do local weather. Like many cable stations. If your local carrier does that it's unusual. Apple TV isn't a service, it's a piece of tech that lets you get services like Netflix and Hulu a la carte. And put your computer on the big screen. If you need tornado alerts you should set them up on your phone and computer anyway. More alarms is not too many for that.

    • Answered by Elizabeth C from New Orleans
    • 22-Oct-2014