what do i get for free with apple tv? How does the cost compare to cable with all the subscriptions required?

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    I do not subscribe to Cable-TV and depend solely on my Apple-TV for anything displayed on my TVs. (I also have a mini-mac connected to the HDMI matrix switch, but rarely use that.)

    Any podcast you download to iTunes can be played through Apple-TV. That used to include all of Rachael Maddow, but now it is just a portion of the show. TED talks are also available (although TED now has its own channel on Apple-TV).

    CBS News makes available all of their News Shows to be played on-demand. They also have a 24-hour live stream.
    There are other network news options available, but the specific offerings are in a flux.
    Important live news events can always be found on several channels.

    I have not tried all of the entertainment channels, but I have not found any that are useful. Usually a companion cable subscription is required to gain access. Sometimes a short-list of shows are free, but without a TV Guide, finding them is more trouble than it is worth.

    PBS "should have" been useful, but it makes shows available only for a limited time.

    My subscription to Netflix is under $10. There are plenty of TV shows to more than keep me busy.

    On occasion, we purchase shows/movies through iTunes.

    My Samsung TV has internet access and thereby some shows (mostly News) can be streamed to it directly (for instance Netflix), but with Apple-TV connected to a HDMI matrix switch and HDMI-over-cat-6 adapters, I can display on multiple screens at the same time.

    All-in-all, using the Apple-TV has been much more convenient than a cable subscription.

    I would like two things added to Apple-TV:
    -- a TV-Guide
    -- a interface to a laptop or iPad or iPhone that would allow me to choose the show from the TV-Guide and have the Apple-TV play it.

    • Answered by John Z from Santa Cruz
    • 04-Apr-2015