With the Mavericks updates will apple tv be able to completely replace the computer monitor with the television?

I need a new computer and I'm looking into the mac minis but I would need a monitor. With Apple TV and Mavericks updated airplay, it should be possible. I'm just not sure it is.

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    If you have a mac mini you don't need the apple tv. just stick the mini under your flatscreen, plug it into the tv and its done. The mini can essentially use the tv as a monitor and you can watch all your iTunes content on it, and any other media you would normally use a computer to view.

    • Answered by John A G
    • 03-Nov-2013
  • No, you cannot use a television connected to an Apple TV as the only display for a Mac Mini. I have a Mac Mini running Mavericks and an Apple TV, and here's the problem: when the Mini boots up without a hardwired display, it is impossible to tell it to use the Apple TV as a display.

    • Answered by Julian B from Baie-d'urfe
    • 03-Nov-2013
  • I got a refurbed Mac Mini from the Apple store because my old Mac Book's display died and I'm using a Vizio Tv as a monitor, I also use it for Apple TV and network TV from AT&T, It has two HDMI ports and I connect the Cable Box via coax cable.

    • Answered by Ned S from Austin
    • 27-Nov-2013
  • I don't think you really WANT to do that, even though it sounds like it would work.

    The reason is that 1080p HDTV has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 "dots", spread out over the size of the screen...and I'm guessing you have a fairly large screen. By contrast, Apple's 21.5" iMac currently shows 1920x1080 over just a 21.5" screen. That means the dots are much smaller, so everything is more crisp and easier to read.

    So even if what you're wanting works, it would look awful compared to using a "real" computer monitor.

    But if you want to check it out, you shouldn't need an Apple TV in the middle. The Mac mini has an HDMI port, so it should just connect straight to a second HDMI port on the television. Just keep your expectations low.

    • Answered by Glenn C from Sunnyvale
    • 15-Nov-2013
  • in addition to what Glenn C from Sunnyvale said...
    even if the pixel density is the same, a tv is not the same as a computer monitor. i have a tv that has the same pixel density as my laptop and i cannot stand to use it as a monitor. it's so blurry that it's difficult to read text at the same resolutions that appear as sharp as a printed page on my laptop. the LCD's are not the same quality in a television vs a computer monitor.

    that being said, if you only intend to use it as a home entertainment center (i.e., for tv, movies, music, etc.), then it will work fine. also, keep in mind, when using a web browser, you can type ⌘= (command-plus) to increase the size of the web page. this will make it possible to read text when browsing Facebook on a tv.

    • Answered by John D from Grandview
    • 02-Nov-2014
  • Although a lot of what is stated here is correct, I believe it to be more of a matter of opinion. Unless you are doing photography or graphic design the quality is more than acceptable for email, web browsing etc. I have set up many a large screens for conference rooms using the Apple TV.

    • Answered by Frank S from Tsmarac
    • 29-Dec-2014