Can a compact flash card be used to move photos the the new iPad 3?

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    No. Only SD cards and cameras (or devices such as the HyperDrive which is recognised as a camera) will work through the iPad Camera Connector Kit.

    Western Digital recently released a pocket HD with wi-fi connectivity, Seagate also have a similar item. With such a device you can stream the photos onto the iPad and copy them to the camera roll.

    • Answered by Peter E from Pakenham
    • 25-Mar-2012
  • its better to transfer data (photos,movies pas etc) using iTunes. just back up your old device connect your new device and something should come up asking if you wanted to transfer your data from your old device to your new one.

    • Answered by David T from Wilmington
    • 22-Mar-2012
  • Yes you can
    Many thanks Haris Azim your apple expert guide

    • Answered by Haris A
    • 24-Mar-2012