Can I play music and record video simultaneously from the ipad? If not, is there an app that can make that happen?

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  • I play guitar through a link and like using bluetooth speaker because the sound "breaks up" without the high volume needed by my amp. I went to the Bluetooth experience new so initially bought two, an IHome and a Gboom. I split the signal with a Line 6 which allowed me to put a delay between them. What a blast. The singer sang one line first and the second one on delay answered. Both speakers cost a $100 each. I kept the GBoom. I returned the iHome for lack of volume with the guitar. But did great with the IPad signal and is one of the few speakers with a line out so you can use with another speaker. I have seen speakers with "pairing" allowing a multi system. Expect to pay close to 5 bills.

    Easiest way to pair is use an iHome which has the line out. Split the signal is still more fun and a real gas. Go to any music store and find one like the Line 6 that has stereo ins and outs.

    Happy Listening!

    • Answered by Mark L from Springfield
    • 02-Jan-2014