Can I transfer what I am watching on my ipad on to my television wirelessly?

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    yes you can if you have an Apple TV it will mirror to your tv through an Apple TV box wirelessly .

    • Answered by Bobbi L from Sanford
    • 08-Sep-2014
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    • 23-Dec-2015
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    • Answered by Skye A
    • 08-Sep-2015
  • Depending on the ipad (so long as it's not the oldest one) you can use AirPlay to wirelessly send video to an Apple TV
    (2 or newer, I'm unsure about the ATV1 - though airplay doesn't work betweek old-(non)updated ATV2's and iPad's past a certain IOS version, so ATV1's would need a really old iPad [if they support it at all])

    Without an Apple-TV there are some TV's and TV devices that can have downloaded video's transferred, or streamed videos's re-streamed depending on the software your using to watch and/or the hardware accessories that your using transfer the video to the TV.

    Using an Apple TV and Airplay is by far the easiest way;
    however there are plenty of alternative methods (including using airplay to an older [or newer] computer hooked up to the TV, with some software running to let you airplay the video to it-as if it were an ATV).

    • Answered by Ronald Y from Kennewick
    • 13-Jun-2015
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    • 20-Feb-2015
  • Yes

    • Answered by Allan K
    • 03-Oct-2014