can I use the apps that I have purchased on the ipad 3 with the ipad mini

I purchased an ipad 3 but it kept dying, and the battery kept over heating. I took it back and purchased a macbook air, but I would like to try the mini. Prior to exchanging my ipad 3 I purchased like 50 dollars worth of apps, does anyone know if the ipad mini can use the same apps as the ipad 3.

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    Yes, you can . Go to settings then take iTunes and App Store log in with your apple I'd
    Then go to AppStore tap purchased tab after this you'll see a cloud and a down arrow
    Tap on it the app will start downloading .

    Thank you
    Musthafa Noor

    • Answered by Musthafa B from Khobar
    • 26-Oct-2012
  • Yes, you obviously can, What you have to do is;
    1.Log on to your computer and plug in your Ipad 3,
    2.Go to itunes(If you don't have download from apple/google)
    3.Now in apps, you'd see it says, "Transfer purchases"
    4.Click that, it would take 1-5 mins,
    5.Once you have the apps, take out your iPad 3, and plug in your iPad mini,
    6.Go on apps once again, And click[Check the box] for whichever app you want to be transfered, Once it syncs, You'll have your apps
    7. Thank me. :D :)

    • Answered by Ali K
    • 25-Dec-2012