can you delete built in apps?

I would like to buy an ipad, but don't need or want some of the built in apps. Is there any way to delete built in apps? If not, that is inconvenient and as a consumer I would recommend adding that in on the next generation ipad, ipod touch, and iphone. Thank you.

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    No but you can take them off by going to settings hen press general tap restrictions then type your passcode and the apps you can take off are:
    Camera (your also take off photo booth) - iPad 2 & iPad 3: if your turn off camera your turn off FaceTime and if you turn on FaceTime your turn in camera; more details for FaceTime information
    FaceTime - iPad 2 & iPad 3: if you turn off FaceTime you will not turn off camera if you don't like camera turn off camera then turn on FaceTime and it will work
    App store
    (iPad 3 only - dictation)

    • Answered by Connor M from Kingston Park
    • 25-Jul-2012
  • No, it is not. Believe me, I've tried

    • Answered by Molly P from New Hempstead
    • 17-Oct-2013