Can you use any accounting programs, like Quicken, on the ipad?

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    Quicken offers a mobile app option, at least for Quicken Premier users, but at this writing (March 2013) it is incomplete, klunky, and unreliable. As a longtime Quicken user, I'm hoping that Quicken greatly improves this app in the very near future.

    • Answered by James H from Ashburn
    • 24-Mar-2013
  • If they offer a version through the App Store, then yes, some or all of the functionality may be available in a version on the iPad and if not, there are most certainly other alternatives available.

    But what you can't do is load the software you're currently running on your PC or Mac onto your iPad.

    • Answered by Edward S from Pensacola
    • 24-Apr-2012