Do you regret for buying a 16GB iPad?

Is there enough space for lots of apps, games, picture, books, or even movie?

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    Yes, I regret buying a 16GB iPad. I am forced to constantly delete apps to make way for new ones :(

    • Answered by Yong Yun F
    • 06-Jun-2013
  • I have purchased several refurbished iPads and always chose the 64GB size--just in case. I have my entire iTunes library on it (7,000+ songs), plus videos, plus ibooks and kindle books, pictures, tv series, movies, games, etc. and still have over 13GB available. I also just purchased an iPad Mini - 64GB which will store some of the same info and other things.

    • Answered by Mary M from Aurora
    • 05-Oct-2013
  • I love ipad mini; I use it all the time. It is good for almost everything. However, it has some disadvantages. First very little memory. I almost never save anything. I just saved 50 pictures and some applications. Then I saw I had to upgrade my software. I had to transfer my pictures and erase most of my applidations in order to upgrade. Second is the flash player. Third is bad for your eyes. If you want to read a lot and to use it all the time is bad for your eyes. That is all other than that I call this thing my body. I never leave it wherever I go whatever I do, It is convenient and I have it in my purse when I go out, when I wait on line for something, or take pictures on the way/

    • Answered by Jun G from Lake Hiawatha
    • 29-Nov-2014