Does the iPad show mobile sites or the full site on safari?

When I open safari on my iPhone it is always the mobile site, some sites have options to see the full site but not always. I want to know how the safari works on the iPad, if it is a mobile site like the iPhone or the full site.

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  • I just tried it with The iPhone opens the Mobile version. The iPad opens the "Tablet" version. And of course my PC opens the regular, "Classic" version. With both the iPhone and iPad I'm given the option to switch to Classic.

    So what would happen if a site offered only "Mobile" and "Classic", but not "Tablet". I guess it's possible for some to have the iPad show the Mobile version and some the Classic version. I *think* it's usual to see the former.

    • Answered by Thomas K from Austin
    • 28-Sep-2012