High School student: MacBook Air or iPad 3?

Heeeey, I've used my iPad 1 for a while now for school (it's getting VERY slow) so i think it's time to change. I will need something that can be used as a work machine as i go to the library in the city after school before going home. I've found that my ipad has been a bit clumsy to write essays do powerpoints etc, however this may be because it's very old in apple terms hahaha. This doesn't need to be my primary machine as i have an imac at home, however i get most of my work done in the library (i cant concentrate on my work at home) i also like to get work done whenever i'm travelling for that matter. i do use the ipad as a personal device a lot and i can see myself using the 3g capabilities heaps! (no 4g in australia) I have enjoyed the long battery life of the ipad and the very portable feel about it. Our school also has a tablet program (they give you androids, i replaced those no-goes with my ipad) so i've used it for that as well (textbooks etc), i've seen people in my school using airs though. Advice appreciated :)

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