I am a college student looking to get an iPad or an iPad mini, but having trouble with what would be best for me.

If I get an iPad I would probably have to get only a 16GB because of the price, but if I were to get a mini I would be most likely get the 32GB. I plan on getting most of my books on which ever one I get and take most of my notes on it. I am just worried about how much I would be able to do on the 16GB.

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    Hello my name is Lewis! i would like to start on the basics of the ipads. On the 16 gigabyte one you can do exactly the same as any other iPad. Tho only deference between them all are the sizes (mini,Regular), the operating systems A5 A6X. On the latest iPad, has the A6X chip and retina display(the retina display is OUTSTANDING!). and of course the sizes in gigabytes. the different operating systems allow you to do more things at once with the devices. if you where to have a lot of apps open at once and a lot of pages on the safari open, you may be better to get the A6X one as this can handle more things at once. For everyday use for example reading books, browsing the internet, playing games, taking notes or just for facetime, i would recommend the iPad 2nd generation or the mini. Now onto the sizes! the 16 gigabytes is a good sized amount. i have about 800 songs in my iTunes library and that only takes up about 6 gigabyte. personally for your requirements i would recommend the iPad mini (16 gigabyte) or the iPad 2nd generation. but if you like the sound of the retina display then go for an iPad Retina! there's no harm in a bit of saving up! I am currently saving for an iPad mini 16 gigabyte and i think it would do me just fine. on the apple store there is a page where you can compare all the models and all there techs and specs! look for it, it might give you a bit more help on choosing the iPad that's right for you!

    • Answered by Lewis S
    • 08-Feb-2013