i like memory my budget is £400 ipad mini big memory or new ipad 16gb (i like to surf the web and game)

i have a budget of £400 and i use a lot of memory but i like to surf the web and game etc. should i get the new ipad with 16gb or the ipad mini with 32gb now im thinking more new ipad rather than ipad mini im not sure can you answer my question and either confirm my thoughts or make me consider the ipad mini (im put off it because of the graphics...)

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    unlike what the person said before i would save your money and get a 4th generation ipad 32gb because of the simple fact that you said you like to game well most intense game need more power than the mini has and its screen resolution is less than that of the retina ipad and the bigger ipad also has a better graphics chip to do games with!! you will love either one but the mini is really made for checking email surfing the web not hardcore games like infiniity blade 2 and real racing 2

    • Answered by Jesse W from Highland Heights
    • 01-Nov-2012
  • Ipad mini coz...as u want to purchase an ipad with this amount but u have a lot apps so u need a lot of memory for it...so the best way is purchase the Ipad mini coz with this amount u can purchase a 32GB instead of 16GB

    • Answered by Tram T from Sydney
    • 30-Oct-2012