If I have never owned an Ipad before and would like one for primarily watching lectures, reading books and going over my notes which one should I get?

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    Get iPad Mini, 16GB. It's perfect to take it anywhere with you, it's light in your hand and it goes in big pockets. I have the 3rd generation iPad but you can't hold it without worrying about falling down because it's too heavy. 16GB will be enough storage for your needs.

    iPad Mini has everything the "big" iPad does: email, books, app store, music store, video chat (Skype, Facetime), amazing HD camera, messaging, newsstand (for reading magazines), internet browsing, Siri (your virtual assistent), maps, reminders and notes, alarm clock and things (timer, stopwatch, worldwide clock), photo editing, etc.

    Kindle app is also good for reading books. Get yourself an iPad Mini, you're really gonna enjoy it amd realize there's so much more things to do on it besides watching videos, reading books and making notes. Have fun!

    • Answered by Blaz S
    • 14-Nov-2012
  • Hello. If you want an iPad mainly for books, my suggestion is to get the mini. The regular iPad is heavier and more awkward to hold. I purchased the iPad 2 Wifi (before the mini came out). I wound up buying a bluetooth keyboard and case. Actually, for what I need, I should have just bought an MacBook Pro laptop computer. Since you want something that is more like a reader, the Mini is just the right size. The nice part is that you can use it to buy and store iBooks (Apple) and also use Nook and Kimble apps for their books, too. I have many Kindle books, and I was able to put them onto the iPad, so I didn't lose them. Now I have a very nice (and growing) library on the iPad.

    I am sure you will enjoy whichever one you select.

    • Answered by Judy R from Bronx
    • 26-Jun-2013
  • Since its your first iPad you're getting, I recommend you the latest generation of iPad (4th generation). It has much fuller content. It also has faster performance and wifi.

    Good luck with the choice anyway!

    • Answered by Yap B
    • 21-Nov-2012