ipad mini or ipad with retina display for bad eyesight? 16gb or 32gb?

i have slightly bad eye sight and im looking into getting an ipad for college (lots of digital books and lots of PDF articles) so.obviously the ipad with retina display is bigger and better quality but is the ipad mini pretty much just as good just cheaper and more portable? or is the mini really small and i would have trouble viewing articles?

also, like i said i will have at least 20 books and 100 pdf articles on this device not including a few apps maybe a couple movies, should i get the 16gb or 32gb? please and thank you!

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    Hi. My mom has prisms in her glasses and very little sight in her right eye. She is able to use my new ipad mini without retina display just fine. She has read a book from the kindle store and played candy crush on it with no problems. I would go with the 32gb though. The actual screen size is a bit bigger than 7, on a diagonal its 8.

    • Answered by Susan G from Wilmington
    • 06-Jul-2013
  • Go for the big Retina iPad. The fact that it is retina display will not matter if you have poor eyesight, but the larger screen will help by a long shot. It is also more powerful and better for a computer replacement unlike the trendy little toy of the ipad mini. I would definitely go for 32gb, maybe 64 even. You will love it and expect to add a ton off stuff along the way, even if you dont have initial plans to. If you want to save money look in the refurbished section haha

    • Answered by Paula S from Brooklyn
    • 04-Jul-2013