iPad mini or iPod 5?

I am going to Paris soon. I think iPod is better but I love gaming. Which should I get?

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    I spent some extended personal time in Europe recently using my iPod for email and Skype-ing home. I ran into some hotels where I could not connect to their wifi. Only explanation we came up with was they were using older routers/software. The iPod fits in my pant's pocket so was readily accessible. But it is a small screen and at times is hard to use if wanting to book a flight etc. However I feel the iPad is too much bulk, etc (tried my son's) so was happy to get a mini. Just back from 5 days in central america where the mini worked just fine. No connection issues. Readable, probably not much more weight, etc. It is easier to find in my backpack. I dont mind it does not fit in my pants pocket small price to pay. My iPod is now used to store music for our Bose system. So I would say go with a mini IMHO.

    • Answered by Iain M from Cambridge
    • 25-Nov-2012
  • If you are a gamer or like to listen music you should get iPod 5 . If you like to watch movies or read books you should get a iPad mini ,even iPod is smaller so it is easy to carry in your pocket and if you have a bag pack I think you could have a iPad mini or a iPad. I bought iPad and it was so hard to carry in different places . So in my opinion you should get a iPod 5 .

    Thank you

    • Answered by Harpreet S from Vaughan
    • 26-Feb-2014
  • i think you should get the Ipad mini

    • Answered by Charles H from Semmes
    • 25-Nov-2012