Is there a spreadsheet app for iPad?

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    Numbers is the only spreadsheet app worth mentioning. If you need to import big Excel spreadsheets because you use them at work, though, Numbers WILL NOT work for you. It's awful. If you want to make beautiful spreadsheets from scratch or use other spreadsheets from numbers, then it's so amazing. It just can't handle Excel files very gracefully.

    Note that Microsoft released OneNote for the iOS app store. They MAY be working on Excel as well. I don't know.

    • Answered by Terry C from Wheat Ridge
    • 20-Mar-2012
  • Yes it can be found on the iTunes app store. Its an Apple App that is called "Numbers" and is priced at $9.99. This app is also compatible with MS Office Excel as well!

    • Answered by Rick R from Miramar
    • 19-Mar-2012
  • Apple provides Numbers which is part of their iWork suite.

    • Answered by Brian N from Forney
    • 19-Mar-2012
  • Hi guys, saw your thread after I googled the same thing, lol.i have been using an app called CloudOn that I think works fairly well. I am not that savvy with Excel. You can open documents and make changes to the spreadsheet. The app also works with Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Okay, hope this helps and if you already found the app, great!

    • Answered by Bob B from Middleport
    • 23-Aug-2013