my daughter is in middle school and most books are downloaded. For her school purposes, research papers, books, etc what would be best, iPad or mini?

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  • Both devices will provide her with the same utility for the functions you have listed. If she needs a larger screen to do more large canvas functions like drawing/note-taking then the iPad with Retina display will be better. If she wants to be more mobile and carry less- the mini is .68 lbs. The only significant difference is the screen resolution- the mini doesn't have the Retina display- though this feature will not be significant for most, unless they are doing heavy photo or graphics work. I would suggest the mini as it has every function of the full iPad- just smaller and easier to carry.

    • Answered by Alex C from Uniontown
    • 01-Dec-2012
  • Best Answer:

    I suggest the iPad with retina display (4th generation). It has clearer pixels and views and has much space to read fuller content.

    Furthermore, if you are also looking for apps to download books, iBooks can be an option. Hope it helps!

    • Answered by Yap B
    • 01-Nov-2012