Should I get 32GB or 64GB Ipad as a graphic design portfolio/sketchpad? Also, is black better than white?

I am looking into buying the Ipad Air to use as a sketchpad and as a portfolio. I also want to use it on trips to watch movies so I am trying to decide between the 32 or the 64 GB. I know that black is often more preferred since it is less distracting, but I like how fingerprints show less on white. Thanks

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    You definitely want to buy the 64GB model with what you will be using your new iPad for (if you can afford it you may want to actually buy the 128GB iPad Air). And as far as Black or White goes, there is no difference, it all depends on what colour you prefer (I like Black Better)

    • Answered by Evan M
    • 30-Dec-2013