should i get a 32 g iPad or a 64 g ipad

i like the iPad minis but don't know how many g's are useful

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    See I watch movies on my IPad, so if you want the most out of your Ipad, spring 4 the 64 GB Ipad!

    • Answered by Cody H from Phoenix
    • 08-Jul-2013
  • Get the largest you can afford. People always outgrow their storage, digital or physical - think cd-holders, closets, hours in the day. Same for iPads. The more storage you start with, the longer your device will be useful. You will hit the limit no matter what you buy, but 64 gigs pushes further into the future the time wasted by shuffling through your digital stuff trying to find something to throw away to put something new in. Later, when you upgrade to a newer model and give this one to your kids or siblings, it will be more useful. If you sell it, it will be more valuable. Get the 64.

    • Answered by Kathleen F from Carlsbad
    • 09-Sep-2014
  • 64GB cause u can fit more stuff on it

    • Answered by Benjamin R from Rowville
    • 08-Jul-2014