should I get a 64 gb or the new 128 gb - I'm retired and will use for reading, movies, surfing the net~this will be my 'purchase of a lifetime'!

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    If you get the 64gb ipad you could get about 60 videos (1hr long each) or double that for the 128gb ipad however I am using the ipad mini and my friend has the new ipad and we both agree the ipad mini is better the screen size isn't a lot smaller its mainly the margin round the sides that makes the ipad mini a lot more compact and smaller. The ipad mini has a 7.9 inch screen while the new ipad has a 9.7 inch screen and also I find you can get a longer battery life out of the mini as it does have to power such Abigail screen as you were saying about videos I if you want them downloaded get the highest possible storage but if you just want to stream them of the Internet on sites such as Netflix and love the 64gb model should be ok there is also a 3G (cellular) ipad it would cost an extra 100 pounds but if you want to surf when on the move it would be worth it. Also the ipad mini is a lot lighter and thinner. I hope I have been some help

    • Answered by Peter O
    • 09-Apr-2013